DUI Victory on Motion to Suppress Evidence

DUI Defense Attorneys

The phone call to 911 reporting a possible drunk driver is so common now.  After receiving such a report from dispatch, the City police officer ran the plate and went to my client’s residence to investigate.  My client’s mother answered the door and, typically, the officer came in the front door and demanded my client come outside. The officer disputed the fact that he commanded my client, but the evidence was forthcoming that this was not consensual.

These types of confrontations are not uncommon, and we have prevailed often on this type of police encounter. “You have the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.”  This is a violation of the 4th Amendment and is subject to suppression.  This means that the police cannot use any evidence seized from that point forward, meaning in this case, all evidence was suppressed and the Court dismissed the case.

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