Marijuana DUII Case Dismissed

The State dismissed an alleged marijuana-DUII after receiving the hospital records months after a rollover accident.  At the hospital, the Defendant admitted to police that she smoked marijuana regularly but had not smoked any the night of the accident.  The police did not believe the Defendant was telling the truth, and the State thought they could prove the Defendant was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the accident.  The case was scheduled for a jury trial. 

“Vital signs and clinical symptoms are often the most reliable indicator of whether or not someone was under the influence of marijuana,” commented Salem attorney Randall Snow.  “Detectable amounts of THC can remain in a person’s blood for days after use – even though the person is not under the influence,” he continued.  “In this case, the blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, body temperature, and other signs were not consistent with my client being under the influence.” 

Attorney Randall Snow was able to force the State to dismiss because they were unable to prove the case.

Randall Snow is a partner in the law firm of Harris, Wyatt, Amala, LLC and has been in practice for thirteen years in Salem and throughout the State of Oregon. Information about the " Actual Cases" is provided here only for educational purposes related to real life situations in DUI defense. This information should not be interpreted as having the same results for your case, legal advice, nor substituted for the specific legal advice of an experienced attorney.

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