Salem DUI Case Dismissed

Attorney Randall Snow was prepared  for trial last week when he noticed on the morning of trial that one of the police witnesses had photos the State had not provided.  They contained pics purported to be his client leaving a bar.  Noting that the case had identification issues, he asked for a Lawson hearing regarding unduly suggestive procedures in identifying a suspect.  After careful cross-examination of the officer and the procedures he used, the court found that the identification was unduly suggestive and suppressed the identification of the defendant.  The State dismissed.  “It’s always nice to win on the morning of trial before the jury is even impaneled,” Snow reported. 

Randall Snow is a partner in the law firm of Harris, Wyatt, Amala, LLC.  He practices in Salem and throughout the State of Oregon. Information about the " Actual Cases" is provided here only for educational purposes related to real life situations in DUI defense. This information should not be interpreted as having the same results for your case, legal advice, nor substituted for the specific legal advice of an experienced attorney.

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