DUII Charges Dismissed in Court - Unlawful Entry

Defendant hit a car in Salem and left the scene without exchanging information.  The person whom she hit took a quick photo and was able to give the license plate to police,  who ran her plate, went to her home and  saw her pull into her garage. 

The police entered her garage to identify her and make an arrest.  She was charge with DUI and Fail to Perform Duties of a Driver.   Gig Wyatt, for the defense, argued that the police entry into the garage was an unlawful search.  The judge agreed and suppressed all of the evidence taken from the illegal entry, resulting in a dismissal. 

“Some law enforcement are unaware that entry into one’s garage may be unlawful without a warrant,” Wyatt noted.  “When we investigate a case, we are looking for not only factual issues, but legal defenses based on overreaching police work.”

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