Not Guilty on Sex Abuse

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A Marion County jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty on a Sex Abuse case recently.  Gig Wyatt, for the defense, felt that the case turned on the credibility of the complaining witness.  Though she testified that she called the police within an hour of the event, call records showed that the call came in the following day.  She also testified that she called from her home, but Wyatt pointed out that the call originated from a law office downtown.  “I think the jury felt she may have had an alternative motive, perhaps that she contacted a lawyer the next day and was setting him up for a lawsuit,” Wyatt said.

These were 2 adults who were not known to each other. 

Gig Wyatt has been in practice in Oregon for over 30 years and specializes in criminal defense.  He is a partner in the law firm of Harris, Wyatt, Amala LLC in Salem.

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