Jury Finds Not Guilty in DUII Case

A Washington County jury finds the defendant Not Guilty of Driving Under the Influence on February 24, 2015.

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The defendant was arrested outside of a popular nightclub at 3:30 a.m. 

The nightclub bouncer testified that he had observed the defendant inside the club earlier in the evening, showing signs of intoxication.  After “last call,” the defendant went to his truck and began doing “burn outs” in the club parking lot. 

Security from the club quickly approached defendant, handcuffed him, and called the police.  The Tigard Police Department arrived and conducted a DUII investigation.  Defendant ultimately failed the field sobriety tests and took a breath test which was over .08% BAC.

At trial, defendant was represented by attorney Byron Farley.  Mr. Farley drew the jury’s attention to the lack of reliable evidence regarding movement of the vehicle and defendant’s intoxication.  Mr. Farley emphasized the potential bias of the security officer and pointed to the inconsistencies from the various witnesses. 

Mr. Farley’s theme of “inconsistent testimony and unreliable evidence” seemed to resonate with the jury, which acquitted defendant of all charges after just 30 minutes of deliberations. 

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