Not Guilty on a .21% Felony DUII

A jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty on a felony DUII  in Marion Co. circuit court on June 18, 2014. 

Witnesses testified that defendant was intoxicated when he entered a bar and was asked to leave. Police were contacted and arrested defendant as he was in front of the bar. He was also charged with Resisting Arrest as the police testified he struggled while being arrested.

A witness testified that he saw the defendant’s vehicle drive by the bar and later saw the defendant outside his vehicle in the parking lot of the bar. The police took pictures of the defendant’s vehicle in the parking lot, parked crooked and extending several feet out further than the other vehicles. 

Defendant’s attorney, Gig Wyatt, pointed out that police had not confirmed the time between the sighting of his vehicle driving by and the time he was seen in the parking lot.

“Their investigation left out the most important component of the case, that is, when did defendant drive and was he intoxicated when he drove,” Wyatt noted to the jury. The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty on the Felony DUII and Resisting Arrest.

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