Salem DUI Attorney Partners with Second Chance Program

Gig Wyatt, a DUI and criminal defense attorney based in Salem, Oregon, recently partnered with the Second Chance Program to help first time DUI offenders get better insurance rates. Working with hundreds of first time DUI clients over the years, Gig Wyatt was glad to see that there is a program now available for them to save money on their auto insurance through the Second Chance Referral Program sponsored by GMAC.

The Second Chance Referral Program was designed as a result of an analysis indicating that first-time DUI offenders as a group do not trend significantly higher for insurance claims than drivers without activity on their motor vehicle records. Unfortunately, most first-time DUI offenders will face extremely high insurance rates and even cancellation from many other insurance companies. Based on research and experience with this group, GMAC insurance is able – in most cases -to provide competitive rates helping them get back on the road and on with their lives. The program includes informational pieces that reinforce the need to avoid driving while under the influence for personal and societal reasons. Based on the same analysis repeat offenders, whose claims results do trend much higher, don’t get the same favorable treatment on their insurance rates.

 As a participant Mr. Wyatt is joining other law firms, and hundreds of clinics and driving schools across the country that offer DUI instructional programs to supply free educational brochures and materials about the Second Chance program. This voluntary program offers first-time offenders direct access to GMAC Insurance for free, no-obligation estimates of their cost for insurance and filing of the documentation required by the courts or motor vehicle departments.

 Mr Wyatt is the first attorney in the State of Oregon to be featured on the informational web site that provides free DUI information and resources. Mr. Wyatt has been a DUII and criminal defense lawyer since 1985 and has tried literally hundreds of jury trials. Located in Salem Oregon, his practice extends throughout Oregon and focuses upon criminal defense with a specialty in DUII defense. He is a graduate of Willamette University Law School and is a partner in the law firm of Harris, Wyatt and Amala LLC. For more information visit: or