Measure 11 Sex Offenses

In March I tried a 6 ct Measure 11 Sex Offense case where a 15 yr old accused my client of repeatedly raping her when she was in foster care from age 6-8. We located witnesses who slept in the same room as the complainant who testified that my client was a polite young man (he was 15 at the time) who never came in the room. The complainant said he came in the room every night to molest her. The foster parent, as well as several other corroborating witnesses, testified that an alarm was on the door that everyone could hear when someone came near the room and that it could not be turned off without going off for a few seconds. The state had a medical witness who testified that, upon examination, there was no physical evidence that the complainant was raped.  After 1 ½ years awaiting trial (client was out on bail), and 2 days in trial, he was acquitted in 30 minutes.

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