License Suspension Hearing - DUI

People sometimes ask why is it important to request a license suspension hearing with DMV. Often times these questions are posed from someone who is already suspended, doesn't need their license, possibly an out of state driver or some other reason. While the license suspension issue may be less important to some than others, the information learned at the implied consent hearing is invaluable. Keep in mind that at this hearing the arresting officer will actually testify about all of the facts surrounding the arrest. Often we are able to learn important facts about the stop, the field sobriety tests, the officer's subjective reasons for probable cause and important details about the breath test or refusal. In the hearing, I have learned significant facts which have supported suppression of the stop or arrest (resulting in a dismissal of the duii), or information leading to the suppression of the breath test or the refusal. All of these factors are helpful in the overall fact-finding determination of the case.

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