False Accusation - Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

After being falsely accused of domestic violence assault, Ken was emotionally devastated. Although he knew he was innocent, the alleged victim told the police that Ken had pushed her down to the ground and slammed a door on her back and head. Despite the lack of physical or medical evidence, the State proceeded with the case. As the trial date approached, it was clear to the defense that the alleged victim had not been truthful with police and was becoming worried about committing perjury by repeating her false allegations under oath.

Evidence of her bias and hatred for Ken had been uncovered in cell phone records, emails, Internet postings, and witness interviews. “A jury trial is the great equalizer in our justice system,” said defense attorney Randall Snow, “it becomes very difficult for an untrue story to hold up while being questioned under oath.” Ultimately, all charges were dismissed. “Being falsely accused of a crime is extremely difficult to put behind you,” said Snow, “the stigma and damage to one’s reputation can last a long time.”

Another case won by Randall Snow, an attorney at Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC. His practice focuses on criminal defense and personal injury law.

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